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William Zanker, Bill Zanker & The Art of Social Networking –

Posted in Uncategorized by Bill Zanker on 11/20/2009

William Zanker and the Art of  Social Networking:

The 21st century is a revolutionary time and William Zanker.  his associates Harry Javer and John Goodfriend and the entire Learning Annex team are helping to define it. What is this revolution?  It is called social networking.

Those who created The Learning Annex knew that people require community. Bill Zanker understood we are social animals and as social animals we are also hierarchal in nature. Just look around – we look strangely at hermits and most of us naturally take to other people for some kind of connection. We cannot live without other people. No matter how advanced technological society becomes, we depend on people. The quality of the people we choose to become involved with professionally can define the difference between a life of joy and celebration, and a life of struggle.

A social network is a structured system that brings together individuals or organizations (nodes) that are for one reason or another interdependent. Social networking has been written about extensively in INC magazine and in many New York Times Bestsellers, including Donald Trump’s and Mr. William Zanker’s, “Think Big & Kick Ass in Business & Life!”

Social Networking can connect people as widespread as New York City, California and Chicago in a second.  Bill Zanker, the Founder of The Learning Annex, the premier adult education organization in America, has used social networking to promote many of the on-line classes offered through the Learning Annex.

Of course social networking has existed on some level or other since the origins of human cultures. However the advent of cell phones, the internet and specific internet based systems for the purpose of social networking have expanded the concept. It has also spread influence beyond what might ever have been imagined. Bill Zanker and the Learning Annex team recognized this early and acted on it.

The amazing thing about Bill Zanker and the Learning Annex is the power that the social networks have created in helping people to increase their personal freedom. In the past only the great wealth held by folks like Donald Trump and Warren Buffett could connect diverse people to each other on such a scale.

According to the world-view offered by many social network analysis experts a person can use resources available to them to choose the network or networks that best meet their needs and offer them the greatest and most abundant short-term and long term possibilities. The Learning Annex offers many of the qualities that a person might seek to find in traditional social networks.


You can visit he following websites to learn more about Bill Zanker’s visionary business projects:


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