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Bill Zanker – is The Learning Annex – President & Founder


As Bill Zanker’s crew stages its 22nd Expo, the logistical process of putting on a show has become seamless. Bill Zanker, though, is constantly fine-tuning the elements. In Fort Lauderdale he is testing a bar code system written by his ace programmer, a Buddhist surfer from Santa Cruz, California. Each attendee will be tracked over the weekend, his badge scanned every time he enters and exits a particular seminar or purchases a DVD package. Bill Zanker will know who’s watching what, and when, precisely. He likens the idea to cookies, which track your Internet usage: “I’m building a cookie system for your weekend. I know who customers are, when they bought tickets–say, 3 a.m. during an infomercial–who they like–Tony, Raymond Aaron, etc.” Possessing this intelligence, he says, “we can then talk to you better in the future.”

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